As a harp teacher, Robin teaches both beginning and advanced level students on lever, pedal and historical type harps. Lessons are generally taught individually to maximize the quality, flexibility and also to best match the students needs and progress. Whilst teaching Robin incorporates a wide variety of musical styles, allowing the student to develop a strong sense of musicianship whilst also developing good technical habits.

For those that are interested in learning to play the harp, or have a son or daughter that is showing an avid interest in the instrument, I do not recommend starting students under the age of 9. This is because of the physical size of the instrument and the physique of the student. To begin with, it is recommended that the beginning student begin on a harp with a minimum range of at least 10 strings below middle C with a full two full octaves above middle C. Most 29 or 30 string lever harps fall into this category. From time to time I have a couple of instruments available for hire.

If the prospective student is wanting to eventually study the pedal harp, two years or more spent on the lever harp will give a solid musical and technical grounding before moving onto the larger instrument, learning the associated pedal techniques and more advanced repertoire.

Whilst I generally teach modern technique to all beginning students, those that wish to study early harps can do so.  The triple-strung harp, and to a lesser degree the double-strung harp make an excellent alternative to the pedal harp for harpists that wish to have a chromatic harp without the expense of the pedal harp. I regularly perform classical, Celtic, Latin and jazz musical styles on the triple-strung harp.

Lesson Fees

Generally all lessons are taught from my home, and I will consider traveling for pedal harp students.  Alternatively lessons can be taught via the internet using Skype.  Students will need a webcam, microphone, speakers and an active Skype account in order to organise lessons this way.

Lesson fees are usually charged for in advance at the first lesson. Payment is usually for five half hour or full hour lessons unless another agreement has been made.

Cancellation of lessons less than two days before the scheduled lesson forfeits the fee for that lesson, unless the student is sick, or if I am unable teach the scheduled lesson and can not make up the lesson at a time convenient to both the student and myself, the lesson fee will be forwarded to the next scheduled lesson.

Five half hour lessons:    £117.50  (£23.50 per 30 min lesson)

Five full hour lessons:    £185 (£37 per 60 min lesson)

If you have any queries about lessons or playing the harp

please feel free to send Robin an e-mail.

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